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Other Competitions

TCACCC Interclub Competition

The Camera Council (a.k.a. Twin Cities Area Council of Camera Clubs) annually sponsors the Interclub Competition. The competition is open to Council affiliated clubs and their members. Members of the Minnesota Nature Photography Club are eligible to enter. It usually takes place in February/March and is usually scheduled so that the competition results can be announced at Spring Break.

There are two parts to the Interclub competition: individual and club.

Individual members of Camera Council affiliated clubs are eligible to enter the competition. Currently there are 3 digital categories (Contemporary, Realistic, and Nature) and 2 print categories (Monochrome and Color).

The club competition is meant to pit a body of work representative of a club with those of other Council clubs. Images will be solicited from MNPC members and a portfolio will be assembled and entered.

Detailed rules and entry forms as well as a list of sites where entries can be dropped off or mailed to are posted to the Camera Council’s web site.

International Competitions

One of the major activities of Photographic Society of America (PSA) is the establishment and implementation of a set of standards for the conduct of competitions that they call International Exhibitions of Photography. Groups desiring to host an exhibition apply to PSA to have their exhibition “recognized” by PSA. Anyone can enter an International Exhibition of Photography and photographers from many countries enter them. The PSA maintains a list of exhibitions.

Two PSA recognized competitions are occasionally held in the Twin Cities. The Camera Council’s web site will have information on these when they are scheduled:

  • Northstar Nature Circuit is sponsored by Minnesota Nature Photography Club and is generally held in November/December.

  • Minneapolis/St. Paul International is often held in October and is sponsored by the Twin Cities Area Council of Camera Clubs.


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